Intet fællesskab uden de rette medlemmer. I Pyramiden er der lagt stor vægt på de rette match, og så er sparring og fællesskabsfølelse en selvfølgelighed i vores hus. 

Som virksomheder supplere de hinanden, og det er netop derfor, fællesskabet fungerer i Pyramiden. Her er plads til at hjælpe hinanden, fælles frokost hver dag og sparring med hinanden om de projekter, der kan drille. Alt det tilsammen skaber en følelse af at være en del af én stor virksomhed, selvom man sidder på hver sit kontor og driver hver sin virksomhed.

Pyramiden rummer både løbeentusiaster, SEO-hajer, kyndige filmfolk, hjælp til branding, økonomisk rådgivning og meget mere. Mød alle virksomhederne herunder, og bliv klogere på de kompetencer, vi har samlet under toppen.

SMS Club

SMS Club can affect your customers in just 5 minutes. And 98% read their text messages 75% increased sales to members 60% turnover from customer club And In other words - SMS Klub makes sure to hit your customers right in the pocket.
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LINK Mobility A / S

Denmark's leading provider of mobile communications Provides primarily communication via SMS - but also via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and RCS Part of the LINK Mobility Group with branches in 16 European countries and more than 500 employees Danish head office in Copenhagen. Satellite office in the Pyramid
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We are an Online Marketing and SEO agency. We help small and medium-sized businesses increase their online earnings. We are experts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local SEO, Maps SEO, Facebook and Google Ads (SEM & PPC).
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It must be possible for you and everyone else to live a healthier life, train where and when you want - without compromising on family, career, etc.Therefore, we have developed a concept that could accommodate this group of people - which in its simplicity was about: to revive home training and all the benefits that lay in it.
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2BConnect produces TV and commercials, in-store video, corporate film, presentation video, product video… Yes, in short: live productions are our specialty.


Over 15 years of experience in sales and consulting of special IT and SMS solutions, customer clubs, loyalty programs and strategy around online sales. We offer open and honest advice, and have extensive experience in marketing different types of goods through different channels.
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Digi APS

We are Digi - your digital agency with the informal tone and the customer in the center. We are passionate about telling stories and we will love telling yours. Our core areas are social media, content creation, digital strategy, branding, communication and authentic storytelling.
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Code Hero

I want to take pride in programming your system so that you get a tool to work with that creates a better everyday life. I want to be the fly on the wall so I understand you and your business before we get started. I want to ensure an interaction between your IT systems so that you avoid double work.
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Pro Accounting

Pro-Accounting ApS helps companies with all tasks within accounting and payroll administration. We help your company streamline administration and provide professional financial sparring, so that your company is ready for tomorrow's challenges.
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KriXrun is a running universe created by Kristina Extreme Running. When it comes to running, we are on the spot and work with everything from arranging exercise runs, individual training instructions to selling running shoes via our webshop. We also arrange a cave mass of virtual races with giant über-cool medals and Kristina also enjoys giving lectures in the business world about, among other things. mental strategies.
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Vila Kula

Vilakula makes Denmark's most beautiful city posters, which combine the beautiful Danish cities with our well-known designs and colors. The unique and stylish city posters show all the places and buildings you know and love. The posters are made in Scandinavian design, with an elegant graphic expression with attention to detail, which makes the posters fit perfectly into most Danish homes.
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M6 Event

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You must not compromise. That is why we have developed a range of products that are as beautiful as they are balanced, using innovative materials and thoughtfulness for practice. It's not just about extending the life cycle of the products in your home or reducing waste - as consumers and creators, we truly believe that even the smallest changes can have a big impact
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